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Some topic talk on Russia in every context and then a requested replay from a 2012 show when Dr. Andrew Woldar, whose math wizardry astounded our audience exclusively, talked about his early ‘90s unusual experiences in Russia. There is one … Continue reading

The night this broadcast aired was the 503rd day of President Derelict Trump’s Russian-installed, fascist administration. Ironically, the show streamed live on internet radio from SRN One in Toronto, just a day before the beleaguered, so-called president declared “war” on … Continue reading

Sal Monella reports on Pew Researches poll that shows Americans don’t care if President Derelict Trump is framed, as long as his head is stuffed and mounted. Host Savino talks about his love for Henry David Thoreau, “On Walden Pond,” … Continue reading

The song “Wild Thing” underscores the absurdly long list of Russian “things” that frame the Trump administration and his ​presidential ​campaign and the bizarre and mafia-like reminder about “that thing” between them ​about which ​th​e​ former FBI director Comey testified … Continue reading

​Spoken o​ver the Academy Award-winning score of La La Land, Savino, in la la land, muses about the awards’ ceremony’s telecast that saw a historic mx up in naming the wrong “best picture” winner, after he notes the suspicious coincidence … Continue reading

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On this strange day when Russian television (RT) actually hacked CSPAN’s broadcast of Congressional hearings and changed the feed to their commercials for Polish airlines, host Savino waxes poetic, ironically, on the virtues of Russian playwright Nickolai Gogol’s satire The … Continue reading

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Veritas news anchor Sal Monella reports on the U.S. vs. Russia’s recent “saber rattling” with our very visible launching of Titan missiles just miles off the shore of Los Angeles and Russia’s “leak” today on international television of their “secret” … Continue reading