Vancouver’s transexual fetish lady, model, hairdresser, fashion designer and sexual advocate. Talking about it all from the HOW TO to the WHAT FOR on TRANSISTER radio.

Velvet Steele is considered one of Vancouver’s foremost trans activists, sexuality/safety advocates, and performance artist. Her passion and devotion has led her to be featured in all forms of media, and speaking engagements including the University lecture circuit and most notably the first season of KINK.

She was a co-founder of the now on hiatus BPSC (Body Perve Social Club) considered to be the forerunners of the “dressing for pleasure” fetish community in Vancouver, BC. During this time she was able to build relationships with other like-minded organizations that enabled her to keep the BPSC in the forefront of club development and these are relationships that still maintained today. Plans are currently underway for new social to be released to the public in the not to distant future.

Another challenge came from co-founding a non-profit society (WEAVE, West Enders Against Violence Everywhere) that addressed and measured the issues of community violence through a survey she conducted which became an informational tool that grew to a level of respect on the civic, provincial, and federal levels of government.

In her 25 years as a sexuality advocate, the quest for her own sexual pleasure and those of others brought her research into the world of sex toys and soon thereafter a collaborative project with the folks at Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium developed. This took shape in the form of educating the public on the do’s and don’ts, and the good and not so good of “toys”, not only at trade shows like the Naughty but Nice Taboo Sex Shows, but the private seminar circuit and in house, lovingly titled “Sexware Socials”.

Velvet hosted the weekly TRANSISTER podcast encompassing a multitude of topics relating to alternative human sexuality. Velvet is also always working on her website at

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