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President Derelict Trump goes beyond neurosis to psychotic in implementing and then lying about the child abuse and cruelty he seems to relish in by separating children from parents of wannabe refugee families. Savino Veritas Noose anchor, Sal Monella, returns … Continue reading

The night this broadcast aired was the 503rd day of President Derelict Trump’s Russian-installed, fascist administration. Ironically, the show streamed live on internet radio from SRN One in Toronto, just a day before the beleaguered, so-called president declared “war” on … Continue reading

“Spank this,” says the world to Donald Trump. Tonight’s Veritas travels the world over. Leaders of France, Mexico, Canada, Britain, and Australia join the ordinary citizens of Norway and German satirists who say, “No thanks” to King Con, President tRump. … Continue reading