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Savino Veritas explores former Secretary of State for the United States Madeleine Albright’s new book Fascism: A Warning. Savino adds weapons to the arsenal against Trump’s Orwellian attempts at his authoritarian, Nazi-like rule by defining fascism, and looking at the … Continue reading

The night this broadcast aired was the 503rd day of President Derelict Trump’s Russian-installed, fascist administration. Ironically, the show streamed live on internet radio from SRN One in Toronto, just a day before the beleaguered, so-called president declared “war” on … Continue reading

On this strange day when Russian television (RT) actually hacked CSPAN’s broadcast of Congressional hearings and changed the feed to their commercials for Polish airlines, host Savino waxes poetic, ironically, on the virtues of Russian playwright Nickolai Gogol’s satire The … Continue reading

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