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Our hosts can go maskless into a romantic Valentines Day weekend featuring the Super Bowl. Robot waiters are here and we’re not sure if they should have googly eyes. All that and rat COVID. Buckle up for another Kawfeehaus! Discover … Continue reading

The Artist D & Ann Marie welcome Alison Brown to the coffee table as they discuss her podcast Keep the Flame Alive. If you didn’t like the Olympics, you probably will after this broadcast! There’s fashion, scandal, and anti-sex beds! … Continue reading

Rainbow capitalism is afoot! Corporations have their claws deeper in Pride now than ever and it’s getting out of hand. Our hosts prepare for the parade and the potato salad. Summer has begun and they’re pretty upset about it. Discover … Continue reading

The Artist D & Ann Marie return with Fourculture’s first Breakfast #tawk Show! Welcome to the Kawfeehaus with the Regis & Kathie Lee of Fourculture Radio, just don’t ask who is who! In this episode our dynamic duo discuss the … Continue reading

Comedian Jeremy Long and Hollywood corespondent Zein Delgado join host Thom Savino once again for the third year in a row discussing the 89th Academy Awards nominated films, actors, and directors. Despite technical difficulties that causes the host Savino to … Continue reading

SV opens tonight with “The Truth, the Half Truth, and Nothing of the Truth” as news anchor Sal Monella digs deep for scoops. Sal reports on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ advice to Trump to avoid this weekend’s 2020 presidential … Continue reading

Go bacterial with Veritas news anchor Sal Monella as the newscaster presents his exclusive scoop that Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway whose remarks concerning the Muslim ban (“I, myself, have been stopped many times” and “it’s a small price to pay”) … Continue reading

In just the first six-and-a-half days of Herr Trump’s presidency, last week’s “Eve of Destruction” episode is turning out to be prophetic, as The Donald’s fascist kleptocracy sets out to destroy the republic. Sal Monella restricted by the reborn Hitlerian … Continue reading

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Host Thom Savino laments about having to be on the wagon during Christmas in a song parody called “Liver” (sung to Joni Mitchel’s “River”), which leads in nicely to the beginning of a 1970’s comedy episode of Dead Air called … Continue reading

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Veritas’ News anchor Sal Monella returns reporting on Trump’s jealousy of the dead Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who’s getting too much attention and respect from the President Elect’s Russian love interest Vladimir Putin. Sal concludes with Herr Trump’s demands that … Continue reading

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