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On the Oct. 20 show (LIVE at 9 p.m. Eastern; Fridays: 2-4 a.m. UK) our host welcomes Ian Abramson (pictured in three different positions). He was named a New Face for the renowned Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal … Continue reading

LIVE, Thursday, Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Jonathan Geffner returns as his hit web series, Trillo & Suede, goes into its second season. Every hilarious episode of the multi-award-winning ventriloquist noir mystery parody comedy is on YouTube. Jonathan talks … Continue reading

Skirting the realm of believability, Frank and Thom explore the games people play navigating society’s behavioral customs while dealing with their own head games around receiving a $100,000 bribe from a Sheldon-Leonard type wise guy to play for pay, on … Continue reading

LIVE, Thursday, Jan. 16, LIVE at 9 p.m. — Jonathan Geffner shows up to talk about his YouTube series featuring Van Trillo and Sam Suede, his daringly comedic duo of detectives. The Internet’s original talk show continues in its original … Continue reading

LIVE, Thursday, July 19 at 9 p.m. Let’s try this again—time to hit the lists, this time one of recommended humor books—recommended by sources other than our host. Check out the 90 books said to be “must-reads” by anyone who … Continue reading

From below the deepest roots of the 1970s comedy radio series, the original Dead Air, Frank Cotolo and Thom Savino plant the seeds of what would become over five decades (and counting) of each of their various broadcast incarnations in … Continue reading

Conflict ensues right from the start over the show’s theme music “Duck’s on Parade” when Frank complains to his cohost about his “unusual opening” – Thom’s mouth, while Thom begrudgingly complains about Frank’s adherence to a more traditional intro. Prudence … Continue reading

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Dead Air’s Radio Announcer advises listeners that this episode pre-empts the president of the United States usually heard at this time. Short Don Rebel interviews the whacky UFO expert Derrick Von Lonagen whose baffling theory that Christ is responsible for … Continue reading

Zany chaos of the Casino Loot Production’s writers lead to arguments about a shoddy theme and Thom’s observation that Dead Air doesn’t have a sound effect for open heart surgery. Then “Wasteland Playhouse Presents: Magnet” a spoof on TV’s Dragnet. … Continue reading

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LIVE, Thursday, Dec. 21 at 9 p.m. Eastern. Our host spins some new thoughts and emotions and then offers a laugh-riot exchange from 2012, featuring himself and Thom Savino ( Wonoco, Dead Air, Savino Veritas ) on the art of … Continue reading