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Skirting the realm of believability, Frank and Thom explore the games people play navigating society’s behavioral customs while dealing with their own head games around receiving a $100,000 bribe from a Sheldon-Leonard type wise guy to play for pay, on … Continue reading

Savino Veritas explores former Secretary of State for the United States Madeleine Albright’s new book Fascism: A Warning. Savino adds weapons to the arsenal against Trump’s Orwellian attempts at his authoritarian, Nazi-like rule by defining fascism, and looking at the … Continue reading

Host TJ Savino’s growing frustrations with his own physical limitations of aging force him to succumb to the doc’s orders to avoid all exercise except walking. Somewhat breathless from the cardio-walk, Thom directs his angst first toward people parking illegally … Continue reading

President Derelict Trump goes beyond neurosis to psychotic in implementing and then lying about the child abuse and cruelty he seems to relish in by separating children from parents of wannabe refugee families. Savino Veritas Noose anchor, Sal Monella, returns … Continue reading

Sarah Silverman’s and her sister Laura’s song “White Dog Poop from the Seventies” inspired this episode and in used throughout entirely without permission (or, for that matter, without profit). Savino Veritas holds the view that President Derelict Trump’s prime was … Continue reading

The night this broadcast aired was the 503rd day of President Derelict Trump’s Russian-installed, fascist administration. Ironically, the show streamed live on internet radio from SRN One in Toronto, just a day before the beleaguered, so-called president declared “war” on … Continue reading

From below the deepest roots of the 1970s comedy radio series, the original Dead Air, Frank Cotolo and Thom Savino plant the seeds of what would become over five decades (and counting) of each of their various broadcast incarnations in … Continue reading

Jeremy Long, writer/director/comedian, enumerates the ingredients of the Blow Job cocktail after he mentions that the director of the film he wrote, now finished production, was happy with the actress playing the lead role, saying, “I found my Bailey.” Jeremy’s … Continue reading

Conflict ensues right from the start over the show’s theme music “Duck’s on Parade” when Frank complains to his cohost about his “unusual opening” – Thom’s mouth, while Thom begrudgingly complains about Frank’s adherence to a more traditional intro. Prudence … Continue reading

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Dead Air’s Radio Announcer advises listeners that this episode pre-empts the president of the United States usually heard at this time. Short Don Rebel interviews the whacky UFO expert Derrick Von Lonagen whose baffling theory that Christ is responsible for … Continue reading