President Derelict Trump goes beyond neurosis to psychotic in implementing and then lying about the child abuse and cruelty he seems to relish in by separating children from parents of wannabe refugee families. Savino Veritas Noose anchor, Sal Monella, returns with a failed covert news segment, “Jose, can you see?” Thom reads a truly touching piece by Michael Moore in compassionate defense of Rachel Maddow, and a letter from an anonymous listener pleads the case for Trump to resign (or meet the same fate as fellow fascist Benito Mussolini). Savino Veritas favorites Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni returns, as do the Fugeddaboudid Restaurant gang from “Ebola Spaghetti” and the Andrew brothers sing “Syphilis” (in recognition of the probable cause of Trump’s mental illnesses). Also, from the archives of Keith Olbermann’s “The Resistance” Keith chronicles Trump’s grandfather’s plea not to be deported by Germany.

duce vs douche

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