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Ann Marie and the Artist D are sore. It’s been a tough week, but the two push on discussing the important topics of today. The anticipation for Storm Area 51 builds and it looks like it may be another gentrified … Continue reading

President Derelict Trump goes beyond neurosis to psychotic in implementing and then lying about the child abuse and cruelty he seems to relish in by separating children from parents of wannabe refugee families. Savino Veritas Noose anchor, Sal Monella, returns … Continue reading

Host Savino reads and comments on the Feb 2017 article positing the notion of Trump suffering from Neurosyphilis. The original Savino Veritas song parody “Syphilis” follows sung to the 1940s ​Rosemary Clooney hit song “Sisters.” For St. Patrick’s Day, Veritas … Continue reading

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