Conflict ensues right from the start over the show’s theme music “Duck’s on Parade” when Frank complains to his cohost about his “unusual opening” – Thom’s mouth, while Thom begrudgingly complains about Frank’s adherence to a more traditional intro. Prudence Purity, Dead Air censor objects to Thom’s use of a girly magazine centerfold as the surface upon which the host wrote his script, and Mike Solace takes a look at (literally) pornography in tonight’s segment of “60 Seconds.” The Friendly Mailman arrives to deliver not just the mail, but Dead Air lines leading into “Mel & Collie Baby” where Collie Baby the wonder dog is forced to rewrite all the town’s law books since Forrest Ranger Jones and the entire police department refuse to make arrests claiming ignorance, in the absence of written laws, of what constitutes a crime. Flabby McPhlegm answers listeners’ questions about sexual fetishes in “Dear Flabby,” and the in-studio conflict escalates to the point of having to present arguments in front of “the board,” in a court-like setting. Wasteland Playhouse presents the black comedy of “Freaky Focus” (a Candid Camera spoof), featuring positively cruel consequences to unexpected on-camera victims. Poet Rod McCrutchen reads his poem “To Hell with the Bells.” After the close of the case, the press grills Frank & Thom in the Pantages Room and, inexplicably, the cohosts wind up on an airliner as cast members of an air-crash disaster film titled Dead Air.

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