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LIVE, Thursday, July 19 at 9 p.m. Let’s try this again—time to hit the lists, this time one of recommended humor books—recommended by sources other than our host. Check out the 90 books said to be “must-reads” by anyone who … Continue reading

But, mostly the dirty, as Steve Spacek rejoins Savino Veritas on the phone from Washington D.C. exposing, once again, the dirtiest, most toxic states and cities in the United States. Hear Steve talk about the 800 road deaths last year … Continue reading

“The Fine ‘Whine’ of Select Gripes” picks from the gripe-vine this week banks too big to fail and income inequality. Savino looks at the effects of the Koch brother’s insurmountable influence over each of our lives since the Supreme Court’s … Continue reading

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Corporados’ (Comcast’s and Popeye’s) penchant for public buggery is exposed in Veritas’ News satirical headlines presented by new Veritas News’ anchor Sal Manella. Next host Savino introduces and interviews author Scott S. Smith who talks about his book God Reconsidered: … Continue reading

The doctor is in the house and the house panel includes Thom Savino, Jeremy Long and our host. Dr. Gary Popoli returns after a summer of beach fun and behavior acrobatics and he has a long list of studies that … Continue reading

“So Eden sank to grief/So dawn goes down to day/Nothing gold can stay,” wrote Robert Frost as he courageously looked at life. As the standup comic dies on stage and the best melody ever written goes unheard, none of us … Continue reading

Two of the less-than-common male brains—Thom Savino and Frank Cotolo—discuss the male brain, as recently studied, on the Sept. 19 show. As many male brains may do, these two will project thoughts with the intention of delicate delineation of the … Continue reading

Dr. Gary Popoli is always bringing the latest psychological studies to the show and addressing them with knowledge and humor. The doctor is in the house again on the April 12 show, exchanging theories, thoughts and laughs with our host … Continue reading