Skirting the realm of believability, Frank and Thom explore the games people play navigating society’s behavioral customs while dealing with their own head games around receiving a $100,000 bribe from a Sheldon-Leonard type wise guy to play for pay, on the air, the official alma mater for Uganda University and that country’s national anthem. Mike Solace takes a look at payola in his “60 Seconds,” while Sportscaster Crunch Granola reports on Uganda University’s football team in the Watusi Bowl. A woman dressed as a tomato, and her husband dressed as a banana stumble into the studio in error looking for the taping of the TV game show “Game Show Roulette” which apparently had a strange, aphrodisiacal effect on them. Finally, the duo’s nemesis, censor Prudence Purity, blows the whistle on the bribe forcing an angry mob to beat the studio doors down in a violent attempt to nab the hosts, only to witness the two’s aerial escape in a hot-air-balloon’s wicker basket ascending skyward above the studio. Thom & Frank appease their mad fans by discarding the bribe money from in flight as the dollar bills flutter down to greet the mob.

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