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Host TJ Savino’s growing frustrations with his own physical limitations of aging force him to succumb to the doc’s orders to avoid all exercise except walking. Somewhat breathless from the cardio-walk, Thom directs his angst first toward people parking illegally … Continue reading

Jeremy Long of TRU-TVs The Carbonaro Effect joins TJ as Veritas’ first live in-studio guest at Burbank’s Lion’s Den Studios where it ” . . . is not sound proof, not fool proof, but ninety proof.” Long reveals what he … Continue reading

Starting with Veritas News, TJ Savino explores current affairs. Noting the horrible drought in California, he predicts it’s devastation wouldn’t be the first time “people will die of ‘Durst’ in Los Angeles.” Thom talks about last night’s Durst Open Mic … Continue reading

Savino Veritas is a weekly, LIVE, radio and internet-radio program satirically pointing barbs targeted at the world’s (especially Americans’) stupidity as seen thru the people and events that deserve our ridicule. The “Savino Veritas” DEBUT program features a contest, and … Continue reading