Host TJ Savino’s growing frustrations with his own physical limitations of aging force him to succumb to the doc’s orders to avoid all exercise except walking. Somewhat breathless from the cardio-walk, Thom directs his angst first toward people parking illegally in front of his house much to the criticism of Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, James Coburn, and more. Hear the sounds of the natural wonders of mid-town Burbank as Thom reminisces about his days with Frank Cotolo on Dead Air, and raves about the virtues of the too-cool-for-school podcast platform Juiced Talk, home of Savino Veritas, Cotolo Chronicles, the Fabulous Show, Up All Night, Velvet Steele, and the 1970s radio comedy series Dead Air. Also featured, audio clips of Savino/Cotolo’s pro-radio commercials, and jingles including that for Subway Sandwiches. In closing, as deemed necessary by our troubling times, host TJ lampoons, fascist, wannabe king, Donald Trump.


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