Savino Veritas: If You Ain’t All Wet, European, or # 1’s the Loneliest Number (Jan 12, 2017)

On this strange day when Russian television (RT) actually hacked CSPAN’s broadcast of Congressional hearings and changed the feed to their commercials for Polish airlines, host Savino waxes poetic, ironically, on the virtues of Russian playwright Nickolai Gogol’s satire The Inspector General on this the same day when the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Inspector General announces the much-needed investigation into FBI’s Director James Comey’s questionable behavior regarding the unnecessary announcements that swiped an election win from Hillary Clinton. Segments, include an uncharacteristically calm Keith Olbermann reasoning with a hypothetical Trump supporter about Herr Trump’s not being “all there,” and a reading of a Los Angeles Times essay asking the question: “Is Left Wing Satire Fake News?,” followed by a discussion of Trump’s Russian dossier on “ golden showers.” Also, Savino Veritas news anchor Sal Monella returns with “The Truth, the Half Truth, and Nothing of the Truth” Veritas news reporting on the Precedent-Derelict Trump’s upcoming coronation.

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