Sal Monella returns with the Veritas Noose, reporting on the real cause of California’s smog: Devin Nunes’ bullshit. Then host TJ Savino tempers his Veritas gripes of wrath about Trump’s dumb-face living props standing behind him at “Hitlerian rallies” renewing the host’s fears that there may be some validity to Eugenics, until Randy Rainbow lightens things up with a parody “He’s All About His Base.” Hear, also, Savino’s parody of “Stormy Weather” with his Frankly Spinatra singing “Stormy Daniels.” Comedians Mark Normand (racism) and Finland’s Ismo (on the word “ass”) grace the episode with stand up comedy. Finally, Savino comments in detail on a TV ad seemingly for Doritos but touting the saving of the rain forests called: “Chips on the World.”

Sal Monella Hair Raising

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