Frank complains to Thom who’s decided not to speak, but, instead, open the show telepathically. On the subject, Short Don Rebel interviews Yuri Melbert psychogenesis expert whose psychic skills can’t decipher different meanings of homonyms causing it to “rain” in the studio when it was “reign” he was looking for. The Friendly Mailman delivers Thom’s $400 GIP Alpha Translation Telepathy Machine. Frank condemns the purchase as mail fraud prompting Mike Solace with 60 Minutes’ expose on “Male Fraud.” Hilarity ensues when Thom gets his Alpha machine working disclosing private thoughts about Frank better left unsaid. Then this week’s episode of Mel & Collie Baby features the Wonder Dog solving “The Pool Shark” crime guiding Forest Ranger Jones on the right path. Convincing Thom he’s wasted his money, Frank calls the machine company to complain and see if he can get his partner’s money back unsuccessfully. Dead Air’s head writer Ken Futzmore convinces poet Rod McCrutchen to wax poetic on the subject of consumer rights in “Maestro of the Mind.” The final scene sees the entire writing staff arguing about the giraffe and zebra story.

Also featured: Frank & Laura Grassi

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