Zany chaos of the Casino Loot Production’s writers lead to arguments about a shoddy theme and Thom’s observation that Dead Air doesn’t have a sound effect for open heart surgery. Then “Wasteland Playhouse Presents: Magnet” a spoof on TV’s Dragnet. Poet Rod McCrutchen shares his poem “I Got My Job thru The Times.” Next, hear two of Dead Air’s most popular bits back-to-back with “Game Show Roulette” hosted by Art Art, and “The Greatest Offer of All Time: Melodica Chords” record offer. Of course what Dead Air episode would be complete without another heartwarming occurrence of “adventure time” with the beloved “Mel & Collie Baby: The Pool Shark?” Finally, inflight above Cleveland, Dusty the Cameraman films a planned catastrophe for an upcoming mass-market, pop culture disaster film titled, ironically, Dead Air.

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