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Sal Monella reports on rumors that Trump’s silence on Russian cyber attacks on our country is a contest to out silence the poignant six-minute-twenty-second symbolic pause of Parkland Florida shooting survive made activist Emma Gonzalez. Fox so-called News is seen … Continue reading

Anchor Sal Monella’s report on Sen. Bernie Sanders reveals the candidate’s suggestion that Pussy Riot followers and Occupy Wall Street merge to form Occupy Pussy, and Volkswagen’s $5,000-an-owner settlement as compensation to the company’s deceitful emission’s practices and the departure … Continue reading

Using audio verite, host Thom Savino exposes the real-life ins and outs, up and downs of a high-school substitute teacher in Los Angeles. Additionally, he trash talks and disses the “reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy” Senator Ted Cruz. This is Savino … Continue reading

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