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Live on Sept. 1 we return to our 9-11 p.m. slot. It’s a round table for the coming of fall with our host and Phil Hong and surprise guests discussing outrageous fortune and the global methods of millennium survival. And … Continue reading

Dr. Andrew Woldar, PhD at Villanova University thoroughly perplexes host Thom Savino in this deeply interesting exploration of gravitation waves, gravity, and the LIGO experiment which revealed once and for all by detecting and recording for the first time gravitational … Continue reading

Live on June 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern—SUMMER HOURS—Dr. Gary Popoli returns for more statistical data and advice on our living and loving lifestyles. The busy professor, teacher, father, husband and theorist always makes fascination what could be dull conversations … Continue reading

Host TJ Savino weaves the memories of a dark and dangerous time, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the fear that engulfed the world on the brink of nuclear destruction, with the comedy of Allan Sherman who at the time was … Continue reading

Live on June at 9 p.m. EDT, our host explores how the mega-Broadway-hit HAMILTON represents the paradigm shift in pop culture. Be warned that there are some very distinct and critical insights on the “lingering generational pop culture” heroes that … Continue reading

San Francisco motivational speaker Susan Bremer O’Neill and author of the book From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman’s Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, and Her Self discusses her transformation from being a former scientist, turned stripper, … Continue reading

Host Thom Savino reads and comments on the article from today’s Daily Good “The Male Birth Control Switch” literally a light-switch-like device implanted in males’ ejaculatory ducts. While T.J. gets his ducts in a row, news anchor Sal Monella reports … Continue reading

Live on Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. EDT, Tommy Nocerino returns to talk about his newest book, Greycourt, a novel of intrigue that takes place during the Civil War. Tommy and our host go wayyyyyy back to schooldays in Brooklyn, … Continue reading

Starting with his 1963 appearance on The Steve Allen Show where he “plays” (musically speaking) the bicycle, Zappa’s life and views are explored on this episode. Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella starts the night exposing Fiorina’s and Trump’s ignorance about … Continue reading