The Artist D & Ann Marie return with Fourculture’s first Breakfast #tawk Show! Welcome to the Kawfeehaus with the Regis & Kathie Lee of Fourculture Radio, just don’t ask who is who!

In this episode our dynamic duo discuss the crowded Internet Super Highway. This is where they discover the key to Internet Broadcast life! Tune in to find out that secret. We’ve also got Jeff Gold Blooms, Tumblr antics, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 observations. Our hosts have both seen the latest American Horror Story and are absolutely lusting over Cody Fern. Thanksgiving has come and gone and the stuffing just hasn’t been the same. Hear how they’re gearing up for Christmas. Is your Brett Gleason covered in snow?

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Pick up a copy of D’s book In Bed with Myself for your Amazon Kindle at to learn about the early days of Internet super stardom.


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