Bob Hope & Bing Crosby sing “Teamwork,” the perfect theme for the early, and burgeoning college-radio collaboration of Thom Savino & Frank Cotolo. Their early comic patter and humorous bits are interspersed here with an eclectic mix of music starting with “The Resurrection Shuffle.” Thom’s nasty cold forces his use of cough drops that smells too much for Frank’s liking as Cotolo quips that Thom has Victors in his mouth.​

After “Elusive Butterfly,” Thom gives a brief weather report coming in from outside WNYT’s studio on the upper Westside of NYC, the day before St. Patrick’s Day. The boys play Naz then Thom does the weather, again, backwards. Thom accidentally swallows his Victors as Frank intros Bobby Short “Rap Tap on Wood” and “Just One of Those Things.” Fellow student Larry Solomon gives listeners and impromptu playing of his recorder. Then Thom & Frank discuss meaning of “beguine” as heard in the song “When They Begin the Beguine” as they lead in to Kenny Rankin’s “Peaceful.” Thom does his Tonto impersonation over the strains of Larry Solomon’s Native Indian-like recorder. Frank & Thom joke over “The William Tell Overture” then segue into Carol King’s “So Far Away.” Coming back from the music, Thom laments over missing the session to take his senior college picture for which he wore a suit. Paul Simon sings “Run That Body Down” a song, Frank notes, very appropriate for Thom’s condition. The Beach Boys sing a very short version of “Take Good Care of Your Feet.” Thom then talks about a TV show he saw the night before starring John Byner called “The Mouse Factory” and then segues to a Mike Balcer request Cream’s “Crossroads.” Then, as Thom check’s out the positioning of a staple in the Penthouse centerfold, Frank introduces “Pow” by the Lovin Spoonful with a cross fade into a Beatles une into Cilla Black’s “Step Inside Love.” Thom then maneuvers a flying cue into Nat Cole’s “Straighten Up and Fly Right.”

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