Rodumbo, “the everyday, ordinary police lieutenant with a special sense for solving crimes” here in serial form featuring nine short episodes.​

Rodumbo “Wealthy Oil Man’s Assistant” (serial)

This episode of Dead Air is a compilation of nine (9) quick Rodumbo segments each advancing the plot line the one before it: “The Wealthy Oil Man’s Assistant.”

1. In Hawaii, off to Venezuela

2. With Leslie Nielsen

3. Hijackers take over ship to Cuba, Rodumbo wants Cuban cigars

4. Rodumbo in Cuba

5. Rodumbo takes up a collection to pay hijackers ransom

6. Passenger asks Robumbo to take a buck of ransom money to pay Panama Canal toll

7. Toll taker insists money must be in pesos

8. Pesos to dollars exchanger finds there’s not enough American money to pay the toll in pesos

9. Passenger (Frank) suggests Rodumbo row the ship to Venezuala, then Rodumbo quits the show demanding a better script.

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