After a hard day recording radio comedy, Thom and Frank stop into their favorite watering hole, Joe’s Bar, to unwind, where Frank takes the heat of ridicule when ordering a Sloe Gin Fizz. Joe, aware it’s Dead Air’s broadcast time, turns on the radio for all to enjoy. The duo’s wish to get away from anything and everything Dead Air is immediately squelched when Dusty the Cameraman walks in and discloses he was there to meet the show’s Flabby McPhlemg, better known to all a “Dear Flabby.” Thom notices a vaguely familiar face in Joe’s new bartender. It’s Richard Nimble of Wasteland Playhouse: “The Fuselage:” ‘Nimble Applies for a Job.’ Then Collie Baby the Wonder Dog who not only reads, writes, and talks, but also refuses to have her puppies paper-trained on anything less than the London Times becomes frustrated when Forest Ranger Jones entices Mel to enter the county-fare talent contest with Collie Baby who’d bark out “Roof, roof” when asked “who holds the record for most home runs hit in baseball?” Poet Rod McCrutchen pays his past-due bar bill with a song, “You Like Me, (More, or Less).” Short Don Rebel breaks into an impromptu interview with his own cousin Shirley, and Frank & Thom try to escape out the back door only to encounter an enraged Prudence Purity who goads all of Joe’s Bar’s customers to laugh at Frank’s innocent intake of his Sloe Gin Fizz. Finally, Bob Krunootz guides Dear Flabby into answering​ ​a letter from a proctologist ‘Dear Dr. Elbow.’ The entire drunk and boisterous crowd at Joe’s Bar sings the show’s closing theme: Ducks on Parade.

Also featured: Frank & Laura Grassi

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