Dusty the Cameraman’s 400 watt bulbs cause Frank’s make up to melt, as Thom cues in Short Don Rebel who interviews Fredrick Carltons author of Vitamins from A to Z, and then projects his own hypochondria onto Frank when Cotolo admits to feeling a bit tired; Thom sends for Dracula-like Dr. Quick (a quack) who shares radio scripts he just happened to have with him resulting in this weeks Wasteland Playhouse: “The Fuselage” ‘Wrong Arm of the Law.’ Dr. Quick then examines Frank and Prudence Purity comes in to object to exposing Cotolo’s bare chest on the air, when the ointment Quick applies to Frank catches fire leading in to Mel & Collie Baby: “The Forest Fire.” With Frank getting dressed in another room, Dr. Quick notifies Thom that Cotolo is so near death that this may be his last half hour. Dead Air regular Bob Krunootz interviews NYC cab driver Harry Jacobson in another segment of You Had to Be There, when the Clock on the Wall says it’s time to go.

​Also, featured: Frank & Laura Grassi​

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