As Dusty the Cameraman applies pancake makeup to Frank & Thom, a man and his horse enters the studio answering a classified ad Thom published for a blacksmith sketch which turns out to be this week’s episode of Wasteland Playhouse: “Rodumbo” ‘The Racetrack Blacksmith Murderer.’ Then, when Dead Air’s next-door neighbor, Miss Pugnose, enters to complain about the possibility of a man and his horse living in the neighborhood, Thom insults her calling her a dog, the perfect lead in to this week’s episode of Mel & Collie Baby: “At the Dog Track.” A short skit featuring a mayor and a governor wagering what’s left of their government’s dwindling public funds serves as a reminder of the real fiscal crises of New York City and state at the time of Dead Air. After Miss Pugnose wins the man and his horse’s horse with 5 Jacks in a poker game, Frank calls him a loser sparking poet Rod McCrutchen to wax poetic in “A Loser’s a Loser.” The not-so-welcome arrival of The Friendly Mailman delivers a letter, “Dear Handicapped” read by Dear Flabby.

Also featured: Frank & Laura Grassi.​

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