The episode that some radio stations had to take a pass on because it was released during the week of real flooding in the Midwest, features Frank & Thom dealing with rising waters right in the studio as Dead Air’s Dusty the Cameraman (who thinks he’s working for a TV show) films the proceedings. The poet Rod McCrutchen recites, “There is Nothing Like a Flood,” and legendary radio newsman Harve Paulsey reports on major flooding in Nebraska and Mexico. The Adventures of Mel & Collie Baby segment features Collie Baby the Wonder Dog who mysteriously builds a flood wall to the perplexed wonderment of the dumb witted Forest Ranger Jones who doesn’t seem to notice the town is being deluged. As the seas rise and water fills the studio famous scuba diver Half Nelson goes with the flow in a segment of Wasteland Playhouse’s “Sea Search.” Finally, the state of Nebraska floats into Mexico forming the saturated territory of “Newbrexico” whose governor introduces Frank & Thom at an outdoor public speaking event where the beloved comedy duo are assassinated on stage. Floods ends with a newscaster interviewing our deceased heroes as their funeral cortege proceeds to the cadence of a solemn dirge right into the wacky strains of Dead Air theme song “Ducks on Parade.”

Also featured: Frank & Laura Grassi

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