On the drive enroute​ to the Casino Loot Studios, Thom & Frank realize they’ll never make the start of tonight’s show. Accepting their inevitable tardiness, they turn on the car radio only to discover that they are two clowns replaced by two clones. But, the joke’s on you, the listener. The episode features Mel & Collie Baby “Forrest Ranger & the Kid Nappin,” “The Liberty Train” in Dumas, USA, Crunch Granola with Sports, Punch, Counter-Punch: One-way Streets vs. Bi-streetuality, Harve Paulsey with the News, and interviewer Joe Schmidlap. This episode is graced with Frank & Thom’s Master Race Record Offer (which brought them to seek legal counsel in deciding whether or not to sue NBC’s Saturday Night Live for copyright infringement).

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