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LIVE, Thursday, Nov. 8 at 9 p.m. LIVE, looks at the dead and dying broadcast TV audience, the Baby Boomers leading the pack. Broadcasting itself is still going thorough the cultural gauntlet and the marketing and advertising world is preying … Continue reading

It’s that time. The final Thursday of the year finds The Artist D and our host calling the roll, a celebration of lives that departed their mortal coils in 2016. Join the traditional duo for the list, which includes far … Continue reading

Live on Dec. 31 at 9 p.m. EDT, the tradition continues with our host and The Artist D as they read the names and tell some tales of celebrities that passed on in 2015. The annual roll call includes great … Continue reading

Again, our last show of the calendar year presents the exclusive Roll Call from the Bone Garden with our host and The Artist D, co-host. The particular pair will read the roll of 2014 deceased celebrities from all theaters of … Continue reading

The Artist D partners again with our host for one of the liveliest shows of the year, if you will excuse the expression. Those celebrities from all walks of life that have left their mortal shells are listed from January … Continue reading

The Artist D co-hosts the annual, traditional Roll Call from the Bone Garden, our exclusive review of deceased celebrities of 2012 from all walks of life. A verbal celebration of those who will never walk among us again includes personal … Continue reading