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The Artist D and Ann Marie (aka Sparkle Glitter-Bottom) string up the lights early for the Christmas seasons. It’s never too early when living in a hellscape. Our hosts deal with Daylight Savings Time, the booster shot, and what they’ll … Continue reading

Our hosts find themselves screaming into the void! The staggering confusion of our current world and the stupidity of the humans upon it. Dewormer, Republican Prayers, men jumping into barbed wire and dirty water. All of this while the Chinese … Continue reading

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The Artist D and Ann Marie are on their way to fully vaccinated status. Hear the tales as they await the growth of their tails. The world is running out of chicken and what’s with the menthol cigarette ban? What’s … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie investigate a new trend of injecting seasoning cubes to enlarge parts of the body. Speaking of injectables, have you received your vaccine yet? Scientists also state the world is going down the tubes. We’ll … Continue reading

Just like Subways Tuna is allegedly not real, neither is anything else! The Artist D and Ann Marie discuss how most food isn’t real (just like reality). Don’t you know where your fish has been swimming or your cow has … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie beg your pardon while they review the list of 143 people the previous President of the USA pardoned. Our pair continue to debate what’s so bad about the Biden Executive Orders. How come nobody … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie brace themselves for an alien invasion. Off-world vehicles have been reported and it’s just what we can expect in The Days of Rona. Topics include Crop Circles, coin shortages, stimulus packages, and people standing … Continue reading

History was built by miserable horrible people, so where do we draw the line with the statues and monuments? Is there a point where we tear it down, put the past in the past, and decide to proceed as wonderful … Continue reading

The creatures of Earth are leaving their homes and mingling with each other again. How do our hosts feel about returning to society? They discuss that and Ann Marie’s Zoom Fatigue, along with many other Alien topics. It’s all packed … Continue reading