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History was built by miserable horrible people, so where do we draw the line with the statues and monuments? Is there a point where we tear it down, put the past in the past, and decide to proceed as wonderful … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie set the record straight about nasty people, meteorites, and all of the movements we see these days. All that and Carol’s pigeon Jerome. Discover more, subscribe, and follow The Artist D & Ann Marie … Continue reading

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The Artist D and Ann Marie ponder the world on fire. Protests, freedom, justice, #blacklivesmatter, and our current Presidential problems are all up for discussion. To think the humans cannot get beyond the simplest baselines of humanity in the 21st … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie make further discoveries during this week’s broadcast. Did you know that Pot Roast is made in a pot? Regional dishes, mail-in voting, and the mental health of secluded quarantiners comes up for debate. Discover … Continue reading

The creatures of Earth are leaving their homes and mingling with each other again. How do our hosts feel about returning to society? They discuss that and Ann Marie’s Zoom Fatigue, along with many other Alien topics. It’s all packed … Continue reading

The miracle cure of distance is discussed as some people think it’s safe to return to cubicle work and restaurants. Don’t take your mama out for Mother’s Day, it’ll kill her! Murder Hornets make their first appearance as Artist D … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie do Drag! This week’s discussion delved into Drag History (or Herstory) educating the masses. Ann Marie learns the art of drag and tucking. Has there been a cultural change because of Drag Race? Are … Continue reading

In this week’s fresh cuppa our hosts discover that the victors really do try to rewrite history, right now in front of our very eyes! The barnyard wall is changing and the Mayor of Las Vegas has signed us up … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie take some time to focus on the facts. It’s amazing what happens when you research and read! It just might stop you from pounding down the doors of City Hall during a pandemic. Artist … Continue reading