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Ann Marie is going Trunk or Treating, but The Artist D hates Trunk or Treating! Candy warnings, unsavory displays, and our least favorite Halloween tales are found in this week’s episode. Discover more, subscribe, and follow The Artist D & … Continue reading

When Facebook and Instagram went down for five full hours this week the world was plunged into darkness. Find out what people did instead. Perhaps TikTok has the answers? Learn about the ridiculous school challenges our young adults are doing. … Continue reading

Pour yourselves another bowl of Booberry, it’s Autumn 2021 in the Kawfeehaus! The Artist D and Ann Marie review people going back to work only to find themselves on Zoom! Fashion has lost its mind when Artist D went shopping … Continue reading

Ann Marie’s epic iPhone experience unravels as she receives the coveted iPhone 13. Meanwhile, The Artist D is totally willing to buy into the Googling of the world as long as it brings the technological bathroom our hosts have always … Continue reading

This week finds our hosts covering a stew pot of topics. Is an Internet Catastrophe on the horizon thanks to solar outbursts? The Artist D reviews Lil Nas X’s new album. Ann Marie brings us the top 10 animal sex … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie analyze why we always have to remember where we were when something happened! It’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and our hosts have some responsible yet challenging things to say. In other news they … Continue reading

Our hosts find themselves screaming into the void! The staggering confusion of our current world and the stupidity of the humans upon it. Dewormer, Republican Prayers, men jumping into barbed wire and dirty water. All of this while the Chinese … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie after an entire month off! Find out what they’ve been up to. Artist D traveled and learned you can judge a COVID community by their continental breakfast. Ann Marie got a Corgi puppy! All … Continue reading

A woman stole someone’s teeth right from out of their mouth! The Artist D and Ann Marie investigate the story of a woman who performed unlicensed dental surgery on a patient and took 13 teeth. The headlines lead us to … Continue reading

Get the lawn chairs back out, there’s flooding in New York, quakes in the west, and freshly baked seafood on the beaches. No, really! Our hosts talk about people never learning their lesson and how we are on a crash … Continue reading