Savino Veritas: Finding Memo: A Fish Story

On the eve of Devin Nunes’ and President Trump’s infamous intelligence “memo” filled with cherry-picked facts designed to show bias against Trump and his team in regard to FBI’s investigation into Russian collusion, Savino Veritas plucks a few gripes of its own to distill this episodes “Fine ‘Whine’ of Select Gripes.” In ‘whine’ the truth, as always, when Savino and friends skewer Jimmy Kimmel’s failed interview with porn star Stormy Daniels who, under the restraints of a non-disclosure agreement embodies (and we do mean embodies) possibly the worst late-night TV-talk show guest ever, (until Veritas Voices rain on the parade). Hear Frankly Spinatra sing “Stormy Daniels,” Neil De Grasse Tyson disclose the sorry state of truth and reality in America, Bill Maher’s genius ‘New Rules’ comparing Trump to Norma Desmond of the film Sunset Blvd, Samantha Bee on Stephen Miller, and Savino commenting on the ruination of Whole Foods since Amazon took over.

Thom Savino is Finding Memo

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