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During this Autism Awareness Month our hosts educate themselves on what is or is not a “disability”. All of what we are can become our greatest strength depending on how you look at it. And isn’t it all about social … Continue reading

Deep Fakes appear throughout history and we’ve in fact been raised on a Fake Education, from a rampaging Columbus to an airbrushed Abe Lincoln! The Artist D & Ann Marie look into the horrors of deep fake pornography and the … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie educate themselves on trans representation. Where do we draw the line on a person learning vs a person being insulting? Is our current society too sensitive or do they have a point? Trans rights, … Continue reading

Live on Aug. 25—THE LAST OF THE SUMMER HOURS—Starting at 8 p.m. Eastern. Next week we return to our 9-11 p.m. slot. Fall is on the horizon and the new school year begins. The differences between millennial high-school seniors and … Continue reading