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They have weaponized love as people get stuck in the micro-culture. The Artist D and Attasalina bring all the pieces together and expose the sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists wrecking it all. The problem with revolutions is revealed in this episode … Continue reading

There’s something about 2023 that makes sense to The Artist D & Attasalina. The drunken revenge quest continues as our hosts analyze how things oddly fit in this New Year of the Rabbit. Lucky number 7. Learn more about the … Continue reading

The Artist D & Attasalina return for more cosmic, art, and fabulation. It’s the continuation of Fourth Fridays, on Saturdays! During June’s broadcast our two hosts celebrated Pride, Juneteenth (aka Freedom Day), and the complete opposite world we’re in. The … Continue reading

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On the Dec. 9 show (LIVE at 9 p.m. Eastern) The panel reveals all the ins and outs of Mind Control, from the ancient hypnotic processes to spiritual cult beliefs to Silva’s Mind Control Method. Present on the panel will … Continue reading