Savino Veritas: That Thing (June 08, 2017)

The song “Wild Thing” underscores the absurdly long list of Russian “things” that frame the Trump administration and his ​presidential ​campaign and the bizarre and mafia-like reminder about “that thing” between them ​about which ​th​e​ former FBI director Comey testified ​today ​with which Trump threatened him. Hear the final installment of the six part L.A. Times OpEd series: The Problem with Trump: #6: California Fights Back, excerpts from recent New York Magazine piece by Jonathan C​h​aitt, ​a ​clip proving Trump plagiarized Reese Witherspoon’s character’s commencement speech in Legally Blo​nde​ and the audio-art piece by host Savino ​called ​“Russian Wild Thing” with the help of Keith Olbermann and The Troggs.

Savino Veritas Trump

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