Savino Veritas: Putin on the Ritz: Did Russia Hack Oscars? (March 02, 2017)

Did Russia Hack Oscars ​Spoken o​ver the Academy Award-winning score of La La Land, Savino, in la la land, muses about the awards’ ceremony’s telecast that saw a historic mx up in naming the wrong “best picture” winner, after he notes the suspicious coincidence that Warren Beatty, who stared in the pro-Russian movie Reds may have possibly colluded with Putin. Acknowledging what might have been life’s greatest disappointment for La La Land’s creative team all of whom had the​ir​ Oscar statuettes literally taken out of their grasps, Thom laments about a personal experience feeling a similar let down as ​a ​young, aspiring writer in Hollywood called by Columbia Pictures who offered him definite work and credit on a movie mistakenly thinking he was Tom Cimino composer of film scores. ​Then “Letters from Listeners” features the host’s answer to a Florida Republican woman who asked in the Washington Post, “Why is Trump so hated? I just don’t get it.” ​The Russia/Trump connection is delved into for the rest of the ​episode featuring Keith Olbermann, Whoopie Goldberg, Tucker Carlson, and a funny bit where Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners kicks Trump out of his Brooklyn apartment. ​

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