Dead Air: Future

Future During an archeological dig together, Professor Goldwhipple and fellow colleague Dr. Josephson discover a “wheel-to-wheel” magnetic tape, which, as their luck would have it, contains one complete episode of the zany 1970’s radio show Dead Air which, as our luck would have it, happens to be this very episode.

During the archeologist’s playback of the tape they hear Short Don Rebel interview entomologist Professor Leo Schmidt author of Where in the Word Did It Come From who talks about the derivation of the word “chivalry.” Dead Air’s Friendly Mailman delivers a letter to Thom on which Dusty the Cameraman gets a close up for all in the studio to read on the TV monitor. The letter is from an old flame of Thom’s from Cleveland who’s coming to town much to Thom’s dismay. Frank suggests the problem be solved by “Dear Flabby” in this segment: ‘Dear Hanging by a Thread.’ Mike Solace gets “nostalgic” in his segment of 60 Seconds, and the Broadcast Censor Prudence Purity bursts into the studio to object to Thom’s lame sex-change joke and into tears from Thom’s insults. Poet Rod McCrutchen sooth’s Prudence’s hurt feelings with his poem “Green Are the Trees That Hang above the Head of the One I Love.” But, a problem emerges: the wheel-to-wheel tape the archeologist
​s​ are listening to breaks and can’t be repaired, so, the only way for Professor Goldwhpple and Dr. Josephson to hear the end this episode is for them to use their time machine, go back to the past, and materialize in the studio directly where Thom and Frank left off on the tape. The incomprehensible nature of what’s going on in the studio is cleared up with Rod Serling’s prologue​:​ The Dead Air Zone.

Also featuring Frank & Laura Grassi.

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