Savino Veritas: Xtreme Options

Xtreme by Ron Stelle Novelist Ron Stelle, creator of the comedic murder mystery series “Xtreme” which features the Irish-American detective pair Bryce Mallory and Shamus Crawley, discusses his works and reads both serious and humorous excerpts from the original “Xtreme Ramifications” and the newest entry “Xtreme Options.” Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on the ground too hard and frozen to dig former Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia’s grave, and Sara Palin’s recommendation to, rather than dig, “Drill, baby drill.” Savino lampoons Scalia — a disgrace to Italian-Americans — and equates the now powerless corpse in terms of damage done to his heritage to Al Capone (except more hypocritical).

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