Savino Veritas: Twogood: To Be True

Dr. Daniel Twogood author of Chronic Pain Gone in 90 Days joins host Savino and happily the message from this “instruction manual” is NOT to good to be true, and surely good enough to be Veritas. Dairy? Chocolate? Gluten? Dr. Twogood tells us exactly what to avoid and why, and how taking the focus away from swallowing pills and supplements to try an rid ourselves of the symptoms of pain is a poor substitute for simply not eating the foods and ingredients that create the pains in the first place. Speaking of first place, Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports at the outset on Fidel Castro’s strange baseball analogy and why the Cuban leader predicts Russia’s air strikes on ISIS in Syria will succeed over the United States’ seven-thousand “scoreless” bombings. The episode also features an essay by P.J O’Rourke dissing Ann Coulter and her infamous “fucking Jews” tweet plus the satirical commercial for “Ebola Spaghetti.”

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