Savino Veritas: It Ain’t Over . . .

Novelist and host of radio’s Cotolo’s Chronicles joins Savino Veritas host Thom Savino in remembering baseball’s Hall of Fame catcher New York Yankees’ Yogi Berra, but not until Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on Republicans’ claim that P.T. Barnum and not Pope Francis was the first to canonize someone on American soil (Barnum’s canonizations coming in the form of circus midgets made into human projectiles). Then, Savino Veritas welcomes a new regular contributor corespondent Lily Ramirez who reports here on women’s preferences in choosing a lingerie shopping companion in a follow up to last week’s “Erin Go Bra (and Panties).” The Yogi Berra segment features Les Brown’s song “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio,” Teresa Brewer’s “I Love Mickey (Mantle),” and Savino’s own parody about Stan the Man “It’s Not Stan Musial.”

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