Savino Veritas: The Flook of Love

Kelly Flook Writes Author Kelly Flook talks frankly and openly about her book Shhhh! Sad, Shocking, and Sexy a revealing memoir about the pained childhood that saw an innocent girl at a much too-early age initiated into sex by the abusive control of her grandmother’s niece six years her senior. Without equivocation, Flook recounts the key events that led to her seeking sensual pleasures first through bestiality and the promiscuity in high school that eventually gave way to alcohol and other forms of self-denial that spiraled to suicidal states. Consistently direct throughout her chronology, Flook sprinkles her account with the positive energy of the here and now emanating from her ability to release the shame and become the helpful and enlightened woman she is today filled with the love humanity and this planet so urgently need. ‚Äč

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