Savino Veritas: Frack You, Oilers

After Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella does some heavy lifting reporting on newest GOP candidate Chris Christie, host Thomas Savino explores “This Day in History July 2” to reveal and comment on an 1843 Charleston, South Carolina newspaper headline: “An Alligator Falls from the Sky in Thunderstorm.” T.J. connects what should have been an omen for the South to end slavery and avoid the nation’s most deadly war with Charleston’s most recent harbinger of hate: the recent racist-driven church massacre and the South’s seemingly hopeful sign that this time they are heeding the signs and taking down their long-upheld symbols of hate. Then the rest of the episode is devoted to the great protest songs and musicians who donated their time and talents to produce a fund-generating album called “Buy This Fracking Album” whose proceeds finance efforts to ban fracking everywhere.

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