Savino Veritas: 12 Angry Men, One Happy Bae

Savino Veritas’ own news anchor Sal Manella reports on North Korea’s public assassinations and Kim Jung-un’s audition reel to combat South Korea’s proposal for a new CBS TV show called “Seoul Survivor.” Then ordinary white-trash St. Louis wanna be gangsta rappers preform a mediocre rap at a McDonald’s drive-thru window for less-than mediocre food-like substances, while comedians George Carlin and Sebastian Maniscalco lampoon western society. Then a great parody of 12 Angry Men is performed on behalf of Comedy Central’s own bae Amy Shumer found by the jury to be bangable and therefore worthy to be on TV. Host TJ Savino recites his recent “Four Culture” magazine essay “What the ‘H’ell” a satire about Hillary Clinton’s logo. The show then features TJ’s newest Twitter follower Stephen Colbert. Finally, the right wings bogus attack on “big government” uses the FDA’s ban on trans fats to say Obama will ban sprinkled doughnuts.

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