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Dr. Andrew Woldar, PhD at Villanova University thoroughly perplexes host Thom Savino in this deeply interesting exploration of gravitation waves, gravity, and the LIGO experiment which revealed once and for all by detecting and recording for the first time gravitational … Continue reading

Explore the comedy stylings of Jeremy Long and enjoy live drop in guests Christopher Walken, Nicholas Cage, Sponge Bob, and Adam Sandler. Jeremy talks about his recent gig at Burbank’s Flappers Comedy club and discusses his invitation by management to … Continue reading

Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on Carly Fiorina’s literal fall off an Indiana stage after introducing her boss-for-a week Ted Cruz at a campaign rally, then Sal reminds us that it is Cruz who would figuratively fall off the … Continue reading

Anchor Sal Monella’s report on Sen. Bernie Sanders reveals the candidate’s suggestion that Pussy Riot followers and Occupy Wall Street merge to form Occupy Pussy, and Volkswagen’s $5,000-an-owner settlement as compensation to the company’s deceitful emission’s practices and the departure … Continue reading

The 2004 earthquake and world’s worst tsunami in Indonesia killed many thousands of people. But, what did the survivors do to cope? They sang. In this Savino Veritas episode host Thom Savino narrates a description of the beautiful scenes that … Continue reading

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Novelist Ron Stelle, creator of the comedic murder mystery series “Xtreme” which features the Irish-American detective pair Bryce Mallory and Shamus Crawley, discusses his works and reads both serious and humorous excerpts from the original “Xtreme Ramifications” and the newest … Continue reading

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Veritas’ news anchor reports on today’s traffic-jamming Chicago teacher rally and how Chicago comedians were used right in the teller lines in hopes of breaking up the big banks. Crediting radio’s Bob and Ray as motivating influences to the Cotolo/Savino … Continue reading

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Host Thom Savino reads and comments on the article from today’s Daily Good “The Male Birth Control Switch” literally a light-switch-like device implanted in males’ ejaculatory ducts. While T.J. gets his ducts in a row, news anchor Sal Monella reports … Continue reading

Starting with his 1963 appearance on The Steve Allen Show where he “plays” (musically speaking) the bicycle, Zappa’s life and views are explored on this episode. Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella starts the night exposing Fiorina’s and Trump’s ignorance about … Continue reading

Jeremy Long of TRU-TVs The Carbonaro Effect joins TJ as Veritas’ first live in-studio guest at Burbank’s Lion’s Den Studios where it ” . . . is not sound proof, not fool proof, but ninety proof.” Long reveals what he … Continue reading