Savino Veritas: Why We Need Both Weed & Booze (April 20, 2017)

Sal Monella: “The TRUTH, the Half Truth, and nothing of the truth” delivers Veritas News reporting on Bill O’Reilly’s teaming with Kaitlyn Jenner on a new TLC reality show: Kaitlyn & Bill O’Really? Also, Sal retells the true story of a 74 year-old Virginia man whose last wish, the impeachment of Donald Trump, was “granted” when his ex-wife whispered that lie – the Trump had been impeached — into his ear just before he took his last breath. He died with a smile on his face. Host TJ Savino, joined by a complete cast of movie stars, both living and dead, reads the L.A. Times Op Ed: “Why Trump Lies” (sprinkled with humorous audio clips). George Carlin rants on our American displeasure with politicians and why a dysfunctional public deserves dysfunctional leaders. Then, in honor of 420, a totally stoned Donald Trump returns for an encore appearance. Our Aussie friends delve into the difference between a political “donation” and a Mafia bribe. Did we say Mafia bribe? Veritas ends the night with Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni from Brooklyn’s Boffo’s comedy club. Bill takes a “whack” at the history of Trump’s mob ties.

Savino Veritas

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