Savino Veritas: Trumpire Gorsuch’s Opening Day (April 06, 2017)

Trumpire Gorsuch Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni returns to the stand-up comedy stage at Boffo’s in Brooklyn listing the things he has in common with his nemesis Donald Trump like “Melania Trump has no interest in having sex with me.” Keith Olbermann also shares a list of the reasons for holding a new election. In good news, host Savino reads and comments on an uplifting story of hope from the Washington Post about the high school journalism class that investigated and uncovered the facts about their new principal’s fabrication of her credentials which resulted in her resignation. The episode concludes with the premier appearance of Veritas’ new sportscaster Crunch Granola and his female “color” announcer Wicked Hop calling the play-by-play on Major League Raceball’s opening day in D.C. where the Demo Cats have no hope of defeating the cheating Re Pelicans with Trumpire Neil Gorsuch changing the rules mid game.

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