Savino Veritas: The Cognitive Science of Trump’s Spin (March 30, 2017)

Savino Rogers Professor George Lakoff, author and Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at UC, Berkeley investigates political messaging and how people digest political messages and language of public discourse. He joins Savino Veritas in an in depth interview with host Thom Savino discussing how failing to understand unconscious thought and moral worldviews has frustrated Democrats and Progressives as they try to counter the Trump message with basic logic.

Then, thanks to a listener’s contribution, Veritas airs
​part of ​a previously banned Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood episode (one of three) that takes a hard-hitting jab at President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 budget which, (like Trump’s today), guts public broadcasting and the arts in order to fund ​an unwise ​​military build up. Hear this poignant episode for kids deal with the building of a million bombs to “protect” the Neighborhood. Finally, in honor of Thom’s grandmother Sarah Bozzelli who lost many friends 106 years ago in NYC’s Triangle Waistcoat Factory fire, poet Robert Pinsky reads “Shirt.”

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