Savino Veritas: Blind Trust: Fascism in 5 Days (Feb 02, 2017)

Go bacterial with Veritas news anchor Sal Monella as the newscaster presents his exclusive scoop that Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway whose remarks concerning the Muslim ban (“I, myself, have been stopped many times” and “it’s a small price to pay”) may have exposed her former life as back-alley streetwalker who had been stopped many times for a small price. Billy Eichner puts Keegan-Michael Key through the paces in a game-show spoof on how easy it is to get a gun in America. Savino plays a restored 1970s radio comedy piece “The Master Race Record Offer” from the original weekly series Dead Air. In closing, Thom reads an article about a Social Studies teacher whose 1967 experimental lesson really brought home to his high school students how easy it is for frustrated people to be duped by the allure of fascism in “How to Become a Fascist in 5 Days.”

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