Savino Veritas: The Eve of Destruction (Jan 19, 2017)

“This show aired 11 PM ET live, just hours before our democratic republic will be that in name only at noon, Jan 20, when Hitler inspired Herr Trump’s ‘coronation’ takes place in Washington D.C.,” says host TJ Savino. Savino’s slogan, “I may be joking, but I’m never kidding” errs more toward the “never kidding” side tonight with serious commentary from Keith Olbermann, and frightening readings from Plato’s Republic about how tyranny springs from democracy that may as well have a photo of Trump alongside the excerpt. But, on the joking side, in addition to Savino’s anal-sex analogy, Lewis Black rants about the inauguration of an extremely hated man, while Trevor Noah skewers Trump’s phony, sensation-imbued “press conference.” A mysterious audio recording from “Anonymous” claiming to be the voice of the good guys (white hats) in the international intelligence community blows the whistle on what they say is the lowdown on how Putin and Russia and Trump actually stole the election and democracy with it, and what other “white hats” and aware citizens must now do to reverse this not-so-subtle coup. Even more bizarrely eerie is the audio from a CBS TV Western in an episode “The End of the World” from the 1958 series Trackdown. Seriously, the main character is “Trump” a snake-oil, con man, who comes to town to swindle the townspeople of Talpa by convincing them they will die unless they pay for the help he says, “I alone can give.” He then offers to “build a wall around your homes that nothing can penetrate.”

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